Your question: What is the best Detroit Diesel engine?

Is a Detroit 60 Series A good engine?

This engine is very popular and well-renowned in the diesel community. Detroit Diesel’s Series 60 ranked second best diesel engine ever in the “Best Diesel Engine Ever” list compiled by Diesel Power Magazine. It has been the most popular heavy-duty diesel engine in North America since 1992.

Is the Detroit DD15 a good engine?

When it comes to diesel engines, the Detroit DD15 is the one to beat. It comes with loads of impressive features that make it a high-performance and durable engine.

Is the 6.2 Detroit Diesel good?

The 6.2 is a good and reliable engine. Downside is it is not a real popular engine for aftermarket parts availablility as compared to the Cummins 5.9 or Duramax 6.0 for example. If you need a good reliable engine that is easy and cheap to maintain, used for general light-duty pickup truck usage, this is a good choice.

Is the Detroit 8v92 a good engine?

For what it’s worth, the Detroit Diesel 92 series is sure to offer great value for money and a high operational efficacy! If you too have been looking forward to purchasing the Detroit 8v92 Diesel Engine, then you can always get in touch with Swift Equipment – your one-stop shop for new and used diesel engines!

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Are Detroit Diesel engines reliable?

Durable Design & Reliability

Over the years Detroit has established its reputation as a manufacturer of some of the most reliable and innovative diesel engines for a variety of applications.

Which is better Cummins or Caterpillar?

In terms of fuel efficiency, Cummins’ engines are 6% better than Caterpillar . That’s not the only area where CMI’s coming out on top. It’s taking share from CAT in other heavy-duty engines as well. Cummins is taking share from all its competitors, actually, as it’s now the largest supplier to Paccar .

Which engine is better DD13 vs DD15?

They find the DD13 tends to be the best fit in regional applications, while the DD15 leads the long haul segments where fuel economy and performance are most important. Similarly, Andrea Best, product manager at Cummins, said the company “continues to see success with its B6. 7 and L9 engine platforms.

What is the life expectancy of a DD15 engine?

Engine: 2 years, unlimited miles, including 100% parts and labor. Injectors: 2 years, 200,000 miles, including 100% parts and labor. Major Components: 5 years, 500,000 miles, including 100% parts.

How many miles will a DD15 engine last?

The B50 for the DD15 and DD16 is 1.2 million miles. Detroit has many years of experience in such matters, so the estimates should be reliable. Other makers quote similar numbers. And careful maintenance of any engine should extend its life.

Is 6.2 or 6.5 diesel better?

Since the 6.2 version has a smaller piston bore, the cylinder wall is heavier and more rugged. So, depends on how you want to look at it. The 6.2 version is more rugged, and the 6.5 version has more power. Ford had the same thing going on with their IH 6.9s and 7.3s.

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How long will a 6.2 diesel last?

Many big diesels are B10 rated at 400,000 miles and B50 rated at 800,000 miles. So, basically some big HD diesels often do last 1,000,000 miles between rebuilds. 6.2s are not HD.

Is the 6.5 Detroit Diesel a good engine?

I had no major problems with my 6.5 since i bought it(2+ years). It’s a good engine as long as your familiar with the common issues associated with it. Let it breathe and relocate the PMD and you should be swell. You said your looking at a ’97, it comes with dual thermostats which will help with any cooling issues.

What is the difference between a 8v71 and 8V92?

The 8v92 uses wet liner configuration above the intake port compared to the 8v71. I don’t usually like wet liners for boosted application and I have hear the earlier green 92 engines suffered from electrolytic corrosion problems- but that’s probably also connected to inproper use or/changing of coolant etc.

What is a 318 Detroit Diesel?

The term ‘318 Detroit’ referred to an 8V-71 with 65 mm injectors, which was rated at 318 net h.p.. The 8V-71 is a large over-the road V-8, far too big to stick in a pickup truck. There was a much smaller 6V-53 Detroit, which was usually rated around 195 h.p..

Are 2 stroke Detroit Diesels reliable?

Statistically speaking, two-stroke petrol engines are reliable, particularly because they offer superior reliability. Their 4-strokes don’t move as many parts as their 5 strokes.