Frequent question: Do car seats have serial numbers?

Can I use an expired car seat?

Expired car seats may not adequately protect riders in the event of a crash. That’s why the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) urges parents to avoid using car seats that are past their use-by dates, or seats without expiration dates that are more than six years from date of manufacture.

Where is the serial number on a Graco car seat?

The production label contains a UPC code that can be found on the underside of the car seat (below the manufacturing date label) shown above. A typical label looks like this: The serial number is identified on the bottom right of the label. The serial number consists of an eight digit alpha numerical code.

How do I know if my Graco car seat is expired?

How do I find out when my car seat expires? Each Graco car seat is marked with its Date of Manufacture (DOM) on one of your car seat’s labels. To identify your car seat’s useful life, check out your manual or look for it stamped into the car seat.

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Where is my car seat serial number?

In order to properly register your child restraint system, you will need to provide the model number, serial number and date of manufacture. This information is printed on the registration card and can also be found on a white label located on the back or bottom of the child restraint system.

What makes a car seat expire?

In general, car seats expire between 6 and 10 years from the date of manufacture. They expire for a number of reasons, including wear and tear, changing regulations, recalls, and the limits of manufacturer testing. Let’s take a closer look.

Can I reuse car seat for second baby?

So, as long as you’re aware of, and address, safety issues and the seat is within the expiration range, you can feel comfortable using it for your new baby.

Where is the model number on Graco swing?

There is a white sticker on the underside of all our products which will have Graco’s name on it, and the model number and date of manufacture. For the DuetConnect swings, this sticker is usually on the underside of the motor housing.

How many years is a Graco infant car seat good for?

Depending on the model, Graco car seats typically last from seven to ten years. A majority of the Graco infant car seats expire seven years after the date of manufacturing. Most of the convertible car seats expire ten years after the date of manufacturing.

Is it illegal to use an expired car seat in Canada?

Banned car seats include those that are expired, manufactured before 2012, or made outside the country, because they may not meet Canadian safety standards.

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How long are car seats good for Canada?


Importer / Manufacturer Brand Name(s) Useful Life
Diono Canada, ULC Sunshine Kids 8 years
Sunshine Kids 6 years
Dorel Juvenile Group Cosco, Safety 1st, Eddie Bauer, Maxi-Cosi 8 years
Cosco, Eddie Bauer, Schwinn 8 years

How can you tell what year your car seat is?

Infant Car Seat : A 6 year expiration means that you can use it longer, so the seat can be passed down through several babies. The expiration date and date of manufacture are printed on a sticker on the top of the base (see picture below) and on the bottom of the car seat itself.

Where is the serial number on Britax car seat?

The serial number (‘Series NO. ‘) is located on the front of the car seat, underneath the cover. The serial number starts with ‘M101A’ and is followed by 14 digits.

Where is Safety 1st manufactured?

Like Maxi-Cosi, Safety 1st is owned by Dorel Juvenile (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), but manufactures some of their car seats in the USA, in the factory in Columbus, Indiana. is a popular European brand that is owned by Dorel Juvenile, which is one of the largest baby gear manufacturers in the world, based in Montreal, …