Your question: What is the main precautions to be taken prior to engaging the turning gear for a diesel engine?

What should be checked after engaging the turning gear?

Using the turning gear, turn the engine through a minimum of one full revolution to check that all the running gear is in order. Check if any water, oil or fuel has collected on the piston crown. Operate the cylinder pre-lubrication system.

What are the procedures prior to starting of the main engine?

1. Lubrication of Main Engine: Start pre-lubrication of the engine well before starting the marine engine. For the main engine it should be started before 1 hour and for auxiliary 4-stroke engines at least 15 minutes in advance.

Why is the turning gear of the main engine important?

A jacking gear (also known as a turning gear) is a device placed on the main shaft of an engine or the rotor of a turbine. The jacking gear rotates the shaft or rotor and associated machinery (such as reduction gears and main steam or gas turbines), to ensure uniform cool-down.

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What is the purpose of turning gear in marine diesel engine?

The turning gear or turning engine is a reversible electric motor which drives a worm gear which can be connected with the toothed flywheel to turn a large diesel. A slow-speed drive is thus provided to enable positioning of the engine parts for overhaul purposes.

Which should be examined for correct operation prior to preparation of the engine standby?

All control equipment and alarms should be examined for correct operation. 5. The indicator cocks are opened, the turning gear engaged and the engine turned through several complete revolutions. In this way any water which may have collected in the cylinders will be forced out.

What are things to do 24 hours notice prior to departure for the first time?

Things to do 24 hours notice prior to departure for the first time

  • Check the oil level or sound the bunker tanks to measure level and make sure that the temperature is maintained to about 40 degrees or as per analysis report by opening steam. …
  • Check the jacket water header tank for level and fil accordingly.

What is a safety device that is fitted in the main engine crankcase?

1 .

As a practical safeguard against explosions which occur in a crankcase, explosion relief valves or doors are fitted. These valves serve to relieve excessive crankcase pressures and stop flames being emitted from the crankcase. They must also be self closing to stop the return of atmospheric air to the crankcase.

What controls the speed of the main propulsion engine?

Hydraulic governors

This valve is responsible for directing hydraulic fluid which controls the fuel racks and hence the power or speed of an engine.

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What controls the starting air valves on the cylinder of the main engine?

The opening of the main air start valves is controlled by a set of pilot valves located in the air start distributor, which in turn are timed to operate by a drive linked to the main camshaft. In the example shown, a small camshaft is used to control the opening and closing of the air start pilot valves.

What is the most important thing to carried out before slow turning the engine?

Slow turning of the engine must be carried out to prevent damage caused by fluid leaking into any of the cylinders. Permission from the bridge must be sought before turning the engine. Pre-lubrication should be carried out.

What is reversing interlock?

REVERSING COMPLETED INTERLOCK: As reversing has completed, the shaft of the starting air distributor reversing cylinder shall move outwards to press the AHD micro switch, allowing a part of control air to pass through the IL and a block valve to release and fulfil the reversing completed interlock.

What are the materials used in marine diesel engine piston construction?

Materials such as pearlitic, flake and spheroidal cast iron, alloy cast irons containing Nickel and chromium, and aluminium alloys may be used. The determining factor is the design criteria for the engine. For a modern slow speed engine steel forging or castings of nickel-chrome steel or molybdenum steel are common.