You asked: What is pull out torque in a synchronous motor?

What is a pull-out torque?

The maximum torque that can be applied to a motor operating at a given speed without losing synchronism.

What is meant by pull-out torque when referring to a synchronous induction motor at what approximate load does it occur?

The maximum torque or pull-out torque, which occurs at the slip s=spo. Once a machine has reached rated operating point, this is the maximum torque that can be applied without stalling the machine (pulling out).

What is torque in synchronous motor?

The torque of a synchronous motor is produced by the phase difference between the rotating magnetic field and the rotor. The torque is low when there is a small phase difference between the rotating rotor and the rotating magnetic field.

What is pull-in torque of induction motor?

Pull-in torque is the maximum torque at which a motor can start rotating at a given frequency. The stepper cannot start rotation with the load torque exceeding the pull-in torque.

How does exceeding the pull-out torque affect synchronous motors?

As the load is increased, the torque angle δ also increases until the condition arises when the rotor is pulled out of synchronism and the motor is stopped. Pull-out torque is defined as the maximum value of the torque which a synchronous motor can develop at rated voltage and frequency without losing synchronism.

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What is the formula of synchronous torque?

We know that torque equation in synchronous motor or generator is directly proportional to the stator filed strength, rotor field strength and the sine of angle between them. This is true for all rotating electrical machine. The above torque equation is a general equation applicable for all rotating electrical machine.

How do you calculate the starting torque of a synchronous motor?

We know that at the start the rotor speed, N is zero. So, the equation of starting torque is easily obtained by simply putting the value of s = 1 in the equation of torque of the three phase induction motor, The starting torque is also known as standstill torque.