You asked: Does EZ Pass have to be on windshield?

Where do I mount my E-ZPass NY?

It is screw-mounted in the area on the front bumper where the license plate is located. Position the tag so that the mounting holes correspond to the top of the license plate area on the front bumper of the vehicle.

Can I use my E-ZPass in someone else’s car ny?

Yes. If you do not own a vehicle, you can still enroll in E-ZPass ®. Your tag can be used in any vehicle with two axles, a maximum gross weight of 7,000 pounds and single rear tires (includes RV’s with dual rear tires).

Where do I mount my E-ZPass PA?

Positioning the transponder on the inside of your windshield, behind the rearview mirror and below any tinting. Placing your transponder with logo upright and facing you.

Where does the E-ZPass Go in NJ?

The tag should be installed approximately one inch below the top of your windshield above your rearview mirror. If there is not enough room above your mirror, the tag should be installed to the right of the mirror, approximately one inch below the top of your windshield.

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Can E-ZPass be mounted on black dots?

“You only want to mount it on the clear glass. So if you have the roofline tint that goes on the top of the windshield, or dotted tint near the rearview mirror, you don’t want to put it on top of that,” says Transurban spokesman Mike McGurk.

Is there a monthly fee for EZ Pass NY?

Drivers can avoid it by opting to get quarterly statements. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey charges its E-ZPass customers a $1 per month service fee. New York State charges E-ZPass customers a $6 annual fee for monthly statements.

Can two cars use one transponder?

Can I use my transponder in other vehicles? Yes, you may transfer a transponder between vehicles as long as they are of the same vehicle class.

How do I remove my E-ZPass transponder from my windshield?

To take the transponder off to move it, just hold the Sticker Shield on the glass while releasing the transponder from the Velcro strips; then remove the Sticker Shield with the Velcro and move it to the new location.

Can I go through E-ZPass without my transponder PA?

A: No. The E-ZPass antenna is located overhead, well in advance of the toll booth. If you do not have the transponder properly mounted as you pass the “read zone” then it may not work properly.

Does E-ZPass PA work in all states?

You can use the E-ZPass you purchase in Pennsylvania to pay tolls for highways, bridges and tunnels in 13 states in addition to Pennsylvania. Those states are Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia and West Virginia.

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Which state has the best E-ZPass program?

If you’re only looking for a single transponder, Delaware and New Hampshire are still your best options, if you plan to stay in the area for more than three years. Military families may consider purchasing a tag from West Virginia, which includes a $5 annual fee, but account minimums are low.

Can I use my E-ZPass in a rental car NJ?

A: We checked with New Jersey’s E-ZPass consortium and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Authority and he can use his E-Z Pass transponder in a rental vehicle, as long as it is the same vehicle type.

How do I change my car on E-ZPass NJ?

Once logged in to your E-ZPass account, go to “Tags & Vehicles” or visit one of our Customer Service Centers or by calling NJ E-ZPass Customer Service Center at 1-888-AUTO-TOLL (288-6865) and provide new license plate and vehicle information as soon as possible.

Can I buy an E-ZPass at Walmart in NJ?

Drivers interested in buying the transponders for use on toll roads can now pick one up at Walmart. Sixty-three Walmarts in the state will now offer E-ZPass GoPaks at their customer service counters for $41.