What is the best 225 hp outboard motor?

Which outboard motor is the most reliable?

Yamaha F250 – Most Reliable Outboard

When it comes to four-stroke outboards used to power mid- to large-sized boats, the ubiquitous Yamaha F250 is the hands-down favorite of boaters across the nation.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha 225 have?

Specs & Compare

Engine Type V6
Displacement 4.2L
Bore x Stroke 96 x 96mm (3.78 x 3.78in)
Prop Shaft Horsepower 250hp at 5500 rpm
Full Throttle RPM Range 5000 ~ 6000 rpm

How much is a new Mercury 225?

1.85 • $18,670.

How much horsepower does a Mercury 225 have?

Mercury Optimax 225 HP – Some call it a two-stroke. Some call it direct injection. Others simply call it the best-performing outboard on the water. From the rocket hole-shots to the unmatched top end, OptiMax sets the standard for power, acceleration, and fuel economy.

Mercury Optimax 225 HP.

HP / kW 225 / 166
Color Phantom Black

Who sells the most outboard motors in the world?

Yamaha is the global market leader with 40% market share and reported revenue of $2.6 Billion in Jan-Sep 2019 period, 4% up YOY.It has also said that sales of high margin 200hp outboard motors went up in US and well as Europe in 2019.

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Who sells the most outboard motors in the United States?

I had a boat dealer that sells Yamaha outboards & their G3 boats tell me Yamaha is the number one seller of outboards in the U.S. He also stated Suzuki is the number one sold globally.

How fast does a 225 hp boat go?

There are 225 engines we find that run between 65 and 73 MPH on average. The range of speeds for 250 engines is from 63 MPH to 82 MPH, as they are larger and heavier.

How Much Does A 225 Mercury Weigh?

Horsepower 225 Horsepower expand/collapse
Shaft length 20″ / 508 mm 25″ / 635 mm 30″ / 762 mm
Gearcase ratio 1.85:1

How much does a Yamaha 250 cost?


Suggested List Price Low Retail
Base Price $24,205 $21,405
Total Price $24,205 $21,405

What does XB mean in Yamaha?

Most of the boats sold by Jones Brothers have both mechanical (XB) and digital (XCA) engine purchase options. The Yamaha mechanical XB outboards use an older technology utilizing physical throttle control cables and are somewhat less expensive than the digital models.

What does Mercury Elpt mean?

An ELPT outboard is an acronym meaning the motor has electric start, long shaft and power trim features.

How much is a Mercury 4-stroke 200?

Mercury Marine 200L Fourstroke • $16,265

Mercury FourStroke engines deliver unsurpassed power and performance in an efficient, reliable package.

How much is a Mercury 250 four stroke?

2020 Mercury 250 Pro XS V8 Four stroke $17,500.

Does Yamaha make a 225?

Engineered to exceed expectations, the V MAX SHO® 225 has a hole shot quick enough to outperform a two-stroke—and the bass game will never be the same.

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