What does a commutator do in a DC motor?

What is commutation in DC motor?

Commutation is the process of switching the field in the armature windings to produce constant torque in one direction, and the commutator is a device connected to the armature, which enables this switching of current.

What is the role of commutator in motor?

Commutators are used in DC machines (DC motors and DC generators) universal motors. In a motor, a commutator applies an electric current to the windings. A steady rotating torque is produced by reversing the current direction in the rotating windings each half turn.

What happens if there is no commutator in DC motor?

Commutator is used to ensure direct and continuous supply of current. Because commutators convert ac to dc, if commutators are placed then it will be no more an ac machine.

What is a commutator explain?

Definition of commutator

1 : a series of bars or segments connected to the armature coils (see armature sense 2b)of a generator or motor so that rotation of the armature will in conjunction with a set of fixed brushes (see brush entry 2 sense 3) convert alternating current into direct current.

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What is commutator action?

Electronics & ElectricalElectronDigital Electronics. The currents induced in the armature winding of a DC generator are alternating in nature. The action of commutator (called commutation) involves the change from a generated alternating current to a direct current.

Where is commutator used?

The function of a commutator in a dc generator is to collect the current generated in armature conductors. While in case of a dc motor, commutator helps in providing current to the armature conductors. A commutator consists of a set of copper segments which are insulated from each other.

Why commutator is not a full ring?

The split in the commutator ring is not just to break or connect the circuit. It’s also to define the direction of current through the wire windings, thereby generating a magnetic field. If there weren’t two gaps, the current would not flow through the wire windings.

Why does an AC motor not need a commutator?

AC machines do not need a commutator. A commutator converts ac to dc and vice versa.

What happens when there is no split ring commutator?

Without a split ring commutator the current would not reverse when armature reverses, and the magnetic fields of the rotor and stator would clash and the rotor will stick in a position and not turn.

What is the function of a commutator in an electric motor Class 10?

Answer: The function of commutator or slip ring is to change the direction of current through the coil after every half rotation.

What is the role of commutator in electric motor Class 10?

The function of commutator ring in an electric motor is to reverse the direction of current flowing through the coil every time coil just passes the vertical position during a revolution. Hence as the direction of the current is reversed, the torque is changed in the direction.

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How do DC generators work?

Working Principle of a DC Generator

A DC generator operates on the principle of Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction. According to Faraday’s law, whenever a conductor is placed in a fluctuating magnetic field (or when a conductor is moved in a magnetic field) an EMF is induced in the conductor.