How much does a Powerglide transmission weigh?

How much does a GM Powerglide transmission weigh?

Weight-wise, ATI’s lightest Powerglide in a Supercase is 100 pounds, a standard weight Powerglide in a Supercase is 120 pounds, and an OEM-cased Powerglide is roughly 105 pounds.

How heavy is a 2 speed Powerglide?

Weighing in at under 100lbs., Powerglides remain popular choices for drag racing even today.

Why is the Powerglide so good?

In fact, a Powerglide can weigh less than a standard manual transmission, provide a direct-drive feel with minimal slippage at the torque converter (or none at all with direct drive), and maintain a relatively low rotating mass. Many Street Stocks, I.M.C.A.

How much HP can a Powerglide hold?

A powerglide can indeed handle 440 hp, hust put a good cooler on it especially if you are putting a higher stall converter in it.

How much does a 4L80E transmission weigh?

What about size/weight of the 4L80E? The 4L80E weighs 178 lbs in typical configuration. A 4L60E weighs approx. 135-140 lbs, a TH400 weighs 135 lbs, a TH350 weighs 125 lbs.

How much does a TH400 transmission weight?

Features of the TH400 Transmission

Aluminum and iron construction. Weighs 135 pounds without fluid. Bell housing integrated into the transmission. First gear: 2.48:1, Reverse gear: 2.08:1, and third gear is an even 1 to 1.

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How strong is a Powerglide transmission?

Today, powerglide transmissions are reliable up to as much as 3000 horsepower in certain applications. The backbone of this entire system is the planetary gear assembly.

Why is Powerglide good for drag racing?

A Powerglide transmission is very durable in stock form — start adding some aftermarket parts and you have one stout unit. This elevated level of durability is another reason a Powerglide is perfect for bracket racing, as they can take a beating for an extended amount of runs.

How much is a Powerglide transmission worth?

Quality rebuilt Powerglides are also still offered for around $800 to $1,000. However, with the availability of both stock and aftermarket Powerglide performance parts, locating a good used unit from one of these donor cars and then rebuilding it is definitely a less expensive alternative.

How much HP can a 2 speed Powerglide handle?

A powerglide can indeed handle 440 hp, hust put a good cooler on it especially if you are putting a higher stall converter in it.

Are Powerglides Streetable?

They are very streetable. I have several guys with glides and a gear vendor OD unit giving them a 4 speed trans if they split shift them.

What car came with a Powerglide transmission?

The Powerglide is a two-speed automatic transmission designed by General Motors. It was available primarily on Chevrolet from January 1950 through 1973, although some Pontiac models also used this automatic transmission after the fire at the Hydra-Matic factory in 1953.

Class 2-speed automatic

Will a powerglide bolt up to a 350?

Registered. The powerglide should be fine with the 350 unless it is an air cooled version.

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