What size generator do I need for a 10 hp motor?

How many watts does a 10 hp motor use?

If the motor is loaded to 10 hp, which it probably isn’t, its drawing 746 watts per hp divided by the efficiency, probably about 90% for a motor that size or a total of 8.29 KWH for each hour it runs.

What size generator do I need to run a 7.5 hp motor?

7.5 hp X 745 watts = 5587 watts. 150% X 5587 watts = 8350 watts. The generator should be 8350 watts output to take care of starting torque, at start-up time.

How many kW is a 10 hp motor?

Horsepower (metric) to Kilowatt Conversion Table

Horsepower (metric) Kilowatt [kW]
2 horsepower (metric) 1.4709975 kW
3 horsepower (metric) 2.20649625 kW
5 horsepower (metric) 3.67749375 kW
10 horsepower (metric) 7.3549875 kW

How much current does a 10 hp motor need?


HP 1 Phase Amps 3 Phase Amps
115 volt 230 volt
5 56 15.2
7-1/2 80 22
10 100 28
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How much energy does a 10 hp motor deliver in 30 minutes 1 hp 746 W?

Assume that 1 horsepower = 746 W I have been working on this for the past hour and have notseen how they get 1.728MJas there answer. HERE IS WHAT I DONE:I have converted 30min to 1800sec. And 10-hp = 7460 W.

How much horsepower does it take to run a 20kW generator?

The 36 horsepower, 999cc engine runs on LP gas to produce 20kW of power, or on natural gas to produce 18kW of power.

How is generator horsepower calculated?

Real power P(HP) is equal to the 1.34 times of apparent power S(kVA) in kVA and power factor. Hence for converting kVA to HP, P(HP) = 1.34 x S(kVA) x pf.

What is the difference between HP and kVA?

Hp is the unit of active power and kVA is the unit of apparent power. Apparent power S(kVA) is equal to the 0.746 times of P(HP) real power in HP divided by the power factor. For converting HP to kVA use the below-mentioned formula. S(kVA) = 0.746 x P(HP) / pf.

What size generator do I need for a 15 hp motor?

A 11,000 watt generator should run 15 HP of motors.

How much is a 10kw generator?

$3,879.00 MSRP Includes Transfer Switch – Installation, Taxes and Shipping Not Included Where To Buy Get a Free Quote What is an In-Home Assessment?

How do I determine what size generator I need?

Mathematics of Calculating Generator Sizing

You consult the refrigerator owner’s manual and find that the running wattage for the device is 350 watts. The total wattage you need to run a small refrigerator would be 1400 watts, so you would need a generator that provided at least that many watts.

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Why is horsepower equal to 746 watts?

Theoretically, one horse power is defined as almost 746 Watt in standard calculations. It derived its name from the following context: One horsepower is the amount of power used by a horse to lift a 550 pounds heavy object from a depth of 1 foot in one second. This power when converted to SI system gives 746 Watts.

Is kW the same as horsepower?

Please provide values below to convert kilowatt [kW] to horsepower (metric), or vice versa.

Kilowatt to Horsepower (metric) Conversion Table.

Kilowatt [kW] Horsepower (metric)
0.1 kW 0.1359621617 horsepower (metric)
1 kW 1.3596216173 horsepower (metric)