What order should I detail my car?

Do you detail the inside or outside of a car first?

If you prefer cleaning your car’s interior first, go ahead! The order of car cleaning also depends on the car owner’s preference. For most people washing the car from the outside is the most effective way of getting started. But if you are someone who wants to clean the interior first – it’s entirely your choice.

Do you wax or polish a car first?

Polish should be used before wax, as it helps to restore auto paint that has lost its shine due to oxidation. Car polish does this by removing a very fine layer of the paintwork so the appearance of scratches is minimized as they settle into the coat. Car polishes vary in terms of their levels of abrasiveness.

What are the steps to detailing a car interior?

7 Steps to a Beautiful Car Interior

  1. Step 1: Pick up, remove all the trash.
  2. Step 2: Vacuum. …
  3. Step 3: Clean and condition the hard surfaces including the dash, glove compartment, other storage spots, doors, seatbelts and sideboards. …
  4. Step 4: Clean upholstery. …
  5. Step 5: Carpets. …
  6. Step 6: Clean all the interior windows.
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Which part of the car do you wash first?

Firstly, you should start by washing the dirtiest part of your car, which is usually the wheels. Wash your tyres separately with a new bucket of water to avoid spreading the dirt and grime onto your vehicle’s paintwork.

How do I detail my car like a pro?

How to Detail Your Car Interior at Home

  1. Empty garbage bags or boxes.
  2. A vacuum cleaner with attachments.
  3. Foam brush or old toothbrush.
  4. Microfiber cleaning cloths.
  5. A bucket of clean, warm water.
  6. Rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol.
  7. Window cleaner (here’s a streak-free homemade glass cleaner)
  8. Liquid dish soap.

Do you wax after polish?

Do You Always Have to Wax After Polishing? You should always wax your car, or apply another form of paint protection such as a sealant or ceramic coating after using a polish. Polishes remove all the previous layers of wax on your car, leaving you with a bare and unprotected paint surface.

Should you clay bar before polishing?

When Should You Use The Clay Bar? The detailer’s rule of thumb is to always decontaminate the surface with a clay bar before putting on a new coat of wax, or polishing any exterior paintwork. Those foreign particles block wax from sticking to the paint, making it last for a shorter time and not shine as bright.

How soon after buying a new car should you wax it?

You can wax your car as soon as you bring it home from the dealer without worrying about ruining anything. It is highly recommended you, or a professional, wax your car as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more elements your car will be exposed to without being protected.

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Do I need to remove wax before polishing?

Waxes, sealants, glazes, dressings, and things like tree sap will have accumulated. Without strip washing these layers are then pulled up by your clay bar and/or your polishing pads. This clogs them up prematurely and, in the case of polishing pads, can lead to reduced performance.