Frequent question: Where is the Aisin transmission made?

Who makes the Aisin transmission?

Who makes Aisin transmissions? Aisin automatic transmissions are built by Aisin Seiki and Aisin AW. Toyota Motor Corporation and Aisin Seiki are shareholders of Aisin VW — the largest producer of automatic transmissions in the world.

Does Aisin make good transmissions?

The Aisin is an excellent and very heavy duty transmission. The torque converter is the tightest I’ve ever experienced. The lockup strategy is flawless and makes the trans very efficient, it NEVER gets hot under any circumstances. It has nice low 1st gear and a good OD ratio.

Is the Aisin transmission made by Allison?

Aisin Seiki Company Ltd. and Allison Transmission, General Motors Corporation announced on July 27 that their Aisin General Motors Allison (AGMA) joint venture will come to an end on July 31.

Are Aisin transmissions made by Toyota?

Aisin, as one of the major Toyota group suppliers, shares many designs and development activities with Toyota. See Toyota A transmission for a complete list of Toyota/Aisin models. Aisin AW supplies automatic transmissions to 55 automotive manufacturers around the world, virtually every major OEM.

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Who makes transmissions for Toyota?

Toyota Motor Corporation’s A family is a family of automatic FWD/RWD/4WD/AWD transmissions built by Aisin-Warner. They share much in common with Volvo’s AW7* and Aisin-Warner’s 03-71* transmissions, which are found in Suzukis, Mitsubishis, and other Asian vehicles.

What does Aisin Manufacturing?

Overview. Aisin U.S.A. Mfg., Inc. develops and manufactures components and systems for the automotive industry. It offers components for door frames, latching systems, seating, trim molding, and more.

How long do Aisin transmissions last?

Anywhere between 1 mile and 1 million miles is a safe bet.

Who makes the most reliable transmission?

Lexus and Toyota — which rely on older transmissions in many of their models — were the best-performing brands in the survey. Lexus or Toyota has topped the survey since 2011. Audi, Mazda and Subaru rounded out the top five. The worst performers were Infiniti, Cadillac, Ram, Jeep and Fiat among 28 brands.

Where are Allison transmissions made?

Allison products are made right here in the U.S.A., and we’re proud to say that all of our propulsion solutions for the North American transit market— fully automatic conventional and electric hybrid solutions—are manufactured at our Indianapolis, Indiana headquarters.

Who makes 68RFE transmission?

Chrysler 68RFE Transmission Ratios & Quick Specs

Transmission: 68RFE six speed automatic
Manufacturer: Chrysler
Applications: 2007.5 – present Ram 2500/3500 w/ 6.7L Cummins (standard output versions only)
Total Ratio Spread: 3.23 – 0.63
Shift Control Type: Fully electronic

What is the strongest truck transmission?

Sun Coast calls this transmission package the OM3GA. It’s a Dodge 47RE/48RE-based four-speed automatic designed to handle obscene amounts of horsepower and torque. It can be tailored to a variety of applications, including Ford, Dodge, and Chevy diesel trucks.

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Is Aisin available in Ram 2500?

Aisin transmissions are currently offered on a wide range of RAM trucks. Today, the most common options are the Aisin AS66RC, which is paired with RAM Chassis Cab models that use a 6.4L V8, and the Aisin AS69RC, which is paired with RAM Chassis Cab models that use the 6.7L Cummins diesel.

How much of Aisin does Toyota own?

Toyota owns 23 percent of Aisin, for example, and accounts for about 64 percent of Aisin’s total global sales. Around 15 percent of Toyota’s total purchasing comes from Aisin.